Bid Leveling
Get out of Excel and level your bids faster. Identify the best bid accurately and efficiently, from one place.
Compare bids side-by-side with pinpoint precision.
Find the lowest bidder on the fly
Plug values to automatically adjust totals and identify the best bid accurately and efficiently.
Automatically change scope
Getting new information after you’ve already received bids? No problem—easily edit scope sheets in Bid Leveling.
Add last-minute bids, quickly
Easily include unsolicited bids while you level for quick comparison.
Centralized bid leveling for maximum collaboration.
Easily access bid versions
Stop juggling all those Excel files. Easily revisit original proposals and values.
Validate awarded bids
Export bids to Excel and show your owner a comprehensive overview of why you chose a specific bidder.
Increase visibility and collaboration
Leave notes for yourself and in shared projects to keep your entire team on the same page.
Reduce risk upfront.
Instantly know which subs are qualified before awarding them work. Check their project limit, EMR and more.
The ability to solicit, level, and collaborate on trade partners’ proposals will set the bar for the next level of preconstruction processes.
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