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General Contractors
General Contractors
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Level Bids Faster
Learn how top GCs use Bid Leveling to get out of Excel and increase efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration.
Bid Board Pro
Keep track of your bids, stay ahead of deadlines and measure your success with Bid Board Pro.
Ditch Excel
See why Director Door ditched Excel for BuildingConnected
Bid Forwarding
Learn how subcontractors are using Bid Forwarding to simplify their bidding process.
Qualifications Manager
The easiest way to collect information and qualify your vendors.
Custom Bid Forms
Analyze proposals faster than ever before by using Custom Bid Forms to receive proposals in a consistent format.
Procore Integration
Instantly create a project in Procore and automatically copy over all your files.
Project Creation
Learn how to easily create your first project.
Relationship Tracking
Gain insight into your vendor relationships by tracking their bidding activity and frequency.
Keep track of all your important dates and sync with your favorite calendar apps.
NDAs and Sealed Bidding
Learn how you can easily upload and require vendors to consent to NDAs and set sealed bid opening times.
Files and Cloud Storage
Share files easily with integration to cloud storage providers like Box and Egnyte.
Duplicating Projects
Duplicate existing projects and create templates so you can send invitations to bid in less than 30 seconds.
Cost Data
Quickly reference information on historical costs to better your future estimates.
Public Plan Rooms
Learn how to increase bidder coverage by easily using a publicly posted plan room.