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View testimonials »
Head Contractors
Over 4,000 Head Contractors build every day with BuildingConnected
of the top 20 Head Contractors in North America
1 million+
subcontractors on the BC network
in construction each month
Great organizational tool to manage all of my projects. It's cleaner and easier to navigate than any other solution out there.
Shomrat Sarkar
Project Manager
The amount of time I save using BuildingConnected has increased the number of jobs I bid each month by over 50%.
Dustin Marzalek
Associate Director
We no longer have to cold call hundreds of subcontractors to find out whether they're submitting bids.
Stanley Abellard
With BuildingConnected, you can get the information and documentation to the subcontractors in a matter of minutes. It really speeds up the process.
Maggie Coppa
Junior Estimator
BuildingConnected is an extremely easy program to use to manage the entire estimating process from the day you get the drawings to receiving the final bids from the subs - everything's in one place.
Cory Wilson
I love BuildingConnected because our subcontractors find it easy to use, I find it easy to use, and it does everything I need an Invitation to Bid tool to do and more.
Matt Ventimigli
Director of Preconstruction
Building Connected provides a streamlined bid management process that takes the pressure off of the estimating team. Everything we need is a click away.
Stephen Fontana
No internal database management; emails and phone numbers actually work. Can train someone in 5 minutes; just hit the orange button.
Kyle Bonde
Lead Estimator
BuildingConnected has been such a great tool to get our name out there, especially in areas where we don't have a lot of sub coverage.
Austin Chun
Junior Estimator
Join over 2,500 General Contractors using BuildingConnected every day
Powering preconstruction every day for over
1,000,000 of the world’s top subcontractors
Projects tendered out last month
Tendered out monthly
Tender invites sent each month
BuildingConnected has been a game changer in our office, it keeps all of our projects organized in a clear and concise format. It has made managing our bids so much more efficient.
Erika Tripoli
Executive Assistant
The ability to manage all of our bid invites in one place. With the abundance of job opportunities in the current market, it give us the visibility we need to plan our work flow accurately and successfully.
Jonathan Hughes
Chief Estimator
Sending the invitation received to the Building Connected email address has saved our company time and resources since we do not have to perform manual entries for each opportunity.
Michele Jensen
Inside Sales
Join over 1,000,000 subcontractors using BuildingConnected every day

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