The #1 preconstruction solution for general contractors

Easy bid management
Streamlined bid analysis
Qualification Manager
Company-wide analytics
Professional network
Easy bid management
Streamlined bid analysis
Qualification Manager
Company-wide analytics
Professional network

The preconstruction platform that estimators and subcontractors love.

Easy bid management

We simplify the entire qualification process with our custom questionnaire, saving you time and headaches.
A far better experience and platform than our previous bid management software.
Douglas Ballou, Preconstruction Manager

Streamlined bid analysis

Analyze proposals faster than ever, compare bids side-by-side, and make better business decisions.
There is not another tool on the market that does what we need it to do and at the same time is as easy to use as BuildingConnected.
Matt Ventimiglia, Director of Preconstruction

Find and qualify subs

Create a custom questionnaire to gather important information about vendors.
Saves a lot of time and effort in searching for qualified subs to send RFPs out.
Max Train, Field Engineer

Company-wide analytics

Get unparalleled insights across your company with our detailed performance metrics.
It’s such a fantastic program, and you guys just keep making it better.
Ford Hazelip, Director of Preconstruction

The preferred network

Access our network of hundreds of thousands of subs, and find the right people for your job.
BuildingConnected is the first program we have used that subcontractors actually prefer.
Ileana Beshaler, Preconstruction Manager

Qualifications Manager

The easiest way to collect information and qualify your vendors.

Custom bid forms

Analyze proposals faster than ever before by using Custom Bid Forms to receive proposals in a consistent format.

Project Creation

Learn how to easily create your first project.
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A full suite of preconstruction tools

Networking & planning tools
  • Contractor network
  • Messaging platform
  • Calendar sync
  • Public plan rooms
Bid management tools
  • Send bid invites
  • Smart search & instant bid lists
  • Bid package leads
  • Bid analysis
  • Custom bid forms
  • Electronic sealed bids
File tracking & storage
  • View/download document tracking
  • NDAs
  • Project file storage
  • Cloud storage integration
  • Procore integration
Data & reports
  • Qualification Manager
  • Performance analytics
  • Historical cost data
  • Good faith effort reporting
  • Relationship tracking

Start saving time and headaches!