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the tool general
contractors want to use

Streamlined Bid Management Platform

Ridiculously easy and free to use

  • Create projects in minutes
  • Collect and view bids on one platform
  • Store documents in one central location
  • Never update a contact database again

Comprehensive Professional Network

Reach the subcontractors you need, when you need them

  • View subcontractor-managed profiles
  • Eliminate contact database management
  • Save preferred subcontractors for future projects

Fluid Communication & Collaboration

Team alignment for increased efficiency

  • Invite team members to view and contribute
  • Easily correspond with subs or your project team
  • View insights on team performance

Performance Analytics

Make smarter decisions, faster

  • All your data right at your fingertips
  • Track win rates by time, geography or partner
  • Track progress and plan for growth

Integrated Cloud Storage

Unify your company around a single cloud storage solution

  • Upload files once for constant subcontractor access
  • Access files that are always sync’d to the latest version
  • Enjoy modern security technology for data safety

Subcontractor Bid Invite Dashboards

Easily communicate with subcontractors

  • Effortless subcontractor management
  • Onboard and invite subcontractors within minutes
  • One login for subcontractors to view multiple RFPs

additional features

Cost Analytics

Leverage your data to bid faster

  • Access historical cost information
  • Plan future projects more efficiently

Relationship Tracking

Organize and track institutional knowledge

  • Track your experience with vendors
  • Create custom tags for network refinement
  • Gain insight into subcontractor’s past behavior

Qualifications Manager

The easiest way to qualify vendors

  • Streamlined data collection with customized questionnaires
  • Easy collaboration with subcontractors and coworkers
  • Simple security and workflow approval / permissions

NDAs & Sealed Bids

Keep confidential information secure

  • Allow subcontractors to easily consent to required NDAs
  • Electronically receive sealed bids that require a specified opening time

see it in action


Qualifications Manager

The easiest way to collect information and qualify your vendors.


Custom Bid Forms

Analyze proposals faster than ever before by using Custom Bid Forms to receive proposals in a consistent format.


Cost Data

Quickly reference information on historical costs to better your future estimates.