It’s About Time

about us

It shouldn't be this hard. Technology has come so far beyond what construction bid management tools today are offering. General contractors should never have to spend another minute updating subcontractor contact databases. Subcontractors should never have to log in twice to see work in progress from two different GCs. And no one should
 be paying to do things we used to do in email.

Why? Because technology is capable of it. Commercial construction deserves it. And when it works, it pays off for building owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and their vendors. Everyone saves time. And that matters.

BuildingConnected is a construction communication platform with a refreshingly different approach. It's ridiculously easy to use. It's free to find, communicate, and share documents with GCs and subcontractors securely. Its analytics help everyone get smarter every time they work together. And you never have to update a contact database again. It's about time.

Our dedicated team combines experience in both construction and software development to simplify the way businesses communicate in commercial construction.

meet the founders

Dustin DeVan

Founder & CEO

An avid entrepreneur and engineer, Dustin spent six years on the general contractor side before founding BuildingConnected. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautical Science from the University of California, Davis, and he has worked for some of the largest construction companies in the country including Bechtel, Rudolph & Sletten, and XL Construction. Dustin's experience entails large-scale, complex projects such as a medical office building for Kaiser Permanente, the Las Vegas City Center and HP's headquarters in Palo Alto.

During his time in the construction industry, Dustin recognized a dire need for an efficient communication process between GCs and subs. In 2012, he set out to develop software that offered a comprehensive solution. Today, BuildingConnected is the most streamlined pre-construction bidding tool on the market.

As knowledgeable as he is friendly, Dustin is always ready to talk construction over a cold beer.

Jesse Pedersen

Founder & CTO

A software engineer with a keen eye for design, Jesse lends his vast technical background and meticulous attention to detail to BuildingConnected. He gleans a decade of experience as a web developer, engineer and technical co-founder for companies such as IronKey, 8x8 and Revvim, and he holds a degree in Mechanical & Aeronautical Sciences Engineering from the University of California, Davis.

Jesse partnered with Dustin in 2013 to help construct a clean, fast and easy-to-use platform. Their combined expertise has made BuildingConnected the best bid management product available.

A passionate developer and a dedicated Star Wars fan at heart, Jesse will never turn down an opportunity to talk about the Trilogy, coding or both.

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